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24 August 2006

Hello kitty

When Mister Gato wants attention from me, he just hops up on the laptop table and buzzes and chirps.

If I don't pay the right kind of attention to him, or don't do it quickly enough, he expresses himself through a range of body language from head-butts to the biting of fingers, toes, and noses. He usually gets what he wants. He's a cat.

But when he wants attention from Carrie, whom he adores above all others, he turns into a completely incorrigible flirt.

Here's a picture she snapped last week while I was out of town on a business trip, and she, poor thing, was trying to work:

mister gato on the keyboard scaled
No, pay attention to me!
I am much more interesting than whatever you are doing.

He looks like he's auditioning for a role in an anime, doesn't he?

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1 comment:

tbirdonawire said...

You are so handsome Mr. Gato. You deserve all the attention you crave! LOL

Happy Friday.