When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

31 August 2006

On the ledge

I was called away unexpectedly on business, so we're dipping into the Strategic Catblogging JPEG Reserve.

Here's a nice picture of Mister Gato enjoying the bedroom air conditioner to the absolute fullest, taken in August:

mister gato on the windowsill resized
Do not disturb.

(Yes, observant reader, we go through a hell of a lot of fancy skin lotion in the summer months. That's Kiehl's Creme de Corps on Mister G's left, and Bigelow's mentholated, medicated lotion on the right.)

Be sure to visit The Modulator's Friday Ark to see pictures of bloggers' pets from around the world, and don't miss the Carnival of the Cats this Sunday, hosted by Watermark.

(P.S. This Labor Day Weekend marks the tenth anniversary of my move to New York City, and the beginning of the happiest 25% of my entire life: the decade I've spent with the lovely and talented Carrie. Watch this space for commemorative observations.)

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