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11 August 2006

Best friends forever

gato avec mouse
When a tomcat's not
engaged in his employment
Or maturing his rodenticidal plans
His capacity for innocent enjoyment
Is great as any furry litttle man's.

(with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan)

Mister Gato had a busy week, which involved catching a couple of mice (though one got away.)

When he isn't on Mouse Patrol, though, there's nothing the little guy loves more than a good cuddle, and he's not terribly picky about species.

Here's a configuration we see a lot in our house. Is this Gato guarding Chow Fun, or Chow Fun guarding Gato? Or both?

mister gato and miss chow fun
Mister Gato and Chow Fun, front view

Or just the ultimate in cross-species yin-yang?

gato and chow fun top view
Mister Gato and Chow Fun, top view

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(Also crossposted at The Politburo Diktat, where I will probably never be asked to guestblog again.)

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