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21 April 2009

...and God bless the United States of America

...you don’t want to speak like Barack Obama. You want to speak like you. Nevertheless, as a student of the art of public speaking, you can — and should — observe Obama’s oratorical skills. The greats all learn from other greats, so don’t hesitate. Study Obama’s repertoire, take what you like, and use what you can to improve your own public speaking.
BNET (Harvard Business School Blogs): Five ways to speak like Obama

As should be intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer of the blogosphere, not everyone is an Obama fan. Yet even his most serious critics would, I think, cede the point that he's a better-than-average public speaker.

And even the most devout George W. Bush partisan would have to admit that the likelihood of someone writing a "speak like Dubya" article is kinda slim.

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