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24 April 2009

Design quality

Guy Kawasaki picks the brain of uber-designer Hartmut Esslinger:
Question: What are your top ten products of all time?

  1. Electric Light Bulb
  2. Japanese Lunch Box(es)
  3. Mercedes 300 SLR “Uhlenhaut”
  4. Boeing 707
  5. Porsche 911
  6. Apple Macintosh (after the Macintosh SE)
  7. Arne Jacobsen Chair “3107” by Hansen
  8. Sony Walkman 2
  9. Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar
  10. Hubble Telescope
Question: What are your ten worst products of all time?

  1. Gas-guzzling SUVs
  2. Neck-pain-causing Notebook computers
  3. Typical conference chairs and ambiance in hotels
  4. Software UI on mobile phones
  5. Most hospital equipment
  6. Violent video games
  7. Fake “crafts” products (e.g “Hantcraft” dustpan & brushset)
  8. Computer accessories requiring 2+ hour installment
  9. Restaurant table that “kill” your kneecaps
  10. Myriads of power adapters

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