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17 July 2006

A Deadwood Intervention

Warning: strong language ahead, even in excerpt.

Fans of the HBO series Deadwood will be completely blown away by the following post on the Television Without Pity discussion board, from user MizDarwin.

It's a twelve-step intervention, Deadwood-style.

Step 1:
1. We cocksuckers came to acknowledge that we were fuckin' powerless over fuckin' alcohol, laudanum, dope, titlickin', antler worship, and whatever other fuckin' pecadilloes you care to name, and that our lives had become as un-fuckin'-manageable as a saloon full of whores on the eve of their monthlies...
Brace yourselves, and then click on the link to read the whole thing.

And for those of you who aren't Deadwood fans and just swallowed your tongues at the uncharacteristic language here on enrevanche, we're heartily fuckin' sorry.

A Deadwood Intervention (MizDarwin on Television Without Pity, post #70 in thread)

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