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27 July 2006

Party like it's 1773

Hey now. Here's a third party whose platform I can get behind:

The Boston Tea Party.

Formed by Tom Knapp, who was pretty disenchanted with the hijinks at the most recent Libertarian Party convention, the Boston Tea Party wants to be a home for Americans of libertarian inclination who have given up on the LP:

In the heat of the moment, I define the Boston Tea Party thusly:

"The Boston Tea Party is a reaction to the Libertarian Party's decision, at its 2006 national convention, to abdicate its political responsibilities to the American people."

As of this moment, the Libertarian Party appears to have announced that, in the 2006 election cycle, it takes no positions on several frontline issues facing the American electorate -- specifically, foreign and military policy and internal security.

Believing this to be true, believing the damage to be irreparable in time for the Libertarian Party to exert a significant impact on the 2006 or 2008 election cycles, and believing that the libertarian movement requires and deserves a political party which stands behind its public policy goals, I've decided to run up a new flag.

(Yes, in the best libertarian tradition, it's a splinter group throwing off a splinter group... c.f. "Marxists of the Right" and all that. If libertarian politics actually interests you, and you're interested in actually getting things done, may I modestly suggest that you check out the Republican Liberty Caucus as well?)

bostontea.us | time to party like it's 1773

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