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19 July 2006

IT budgets lag behind revenues: Gartner

When it comes to parceling out the money, IT is the first to be fired and the last to be hired:

Organisations are not increasing their IT investment at the same rate the business is growing, according to a study by Gartner.

But IT budgets are also harder hit and more negatively affected by a fall in company revenue, Gartner found.

The analysis of nearly 900 companies worldwide compared actual and planned IT spending patterns against revenue during the past three years.

It found that even in organisations with sales growth of 10 per cent the IT budget increases remained at five per cent or less.

Silicon.com: IT Budgets Lag Behind Business Growth (Related: Gartner Group press release, 14 July 2006).

Message: If you’re in the Information Technology sector, you need to understand how your IT department aligns with your organization’s business goals, and you’d better be able to articulate and prove the value that you’re providing.

Go get yourself some ITIL training.

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