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22 July 2006

Guest kitties: Oscar and Violet

Carrie and I continue on our 2006 Heartland Tour (reports that we have been sighted in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri are largely accurate); while Mister Gato and the Chow Chows chill out in their respective NYC pet hotels, we borrowed some cats from friends we stayed with on the road for this week's catblogging.

Everyone, meet Violet and Oscar.

Violet the Cat
Violet the Cat (motto: Please maintain a respectful distance at all times. Thank you.)

Oscar The Cat
Oscar the Cat (motto: Are you gonna eat that? Can I have some?)

Mister Gato will return to his normal catbloggging slot next week. In the meantime, please visit The Modulator's Friday Ark (which we're late boarding this week) for more bloggers' pets from around the world, and be sure to check out Sunday's Carnival of the Cats, hosted at Creatures of the Earth.

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