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02 July 2006

RINO Sightings, long July 4 Weekend Edition

First, a hearty "welcome back to the Intarwebs" to Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report, who had a recent spot of trouble with a distributed denial of service attack.

After nearly two weeks of fighting a cyberterrorist attack launched by Turkish Islamists, and then wrestling with a new server, The Jawa Report is back!

In honor of the long July 4th weekend, and in the best libertarian spirit, Don Surber invites us to Light 'Em If You Got 'Em (fireworks, that is.)

(I have no trouble with a right-to-bear-fireworks defense, but here's the enrevanche public service message related to that, from a guy who worked on the back of an ambulance all through college and treated his share of bone-stupid fireworks-related injuries: fireworks and intoxicants do not mix. Please stay sober if you're going to blow shit up, so as to avoid losing fingers and spending quality time in burn units. Thank you.)

Over at Politburo Diktat, the Commissar shares the hilarious story of how one guy tricked a Nigerian 419 scammer into hand-carving a Commodore 64 keyboard. Just go read it already.

And Buckley F. Williams, championing the Public's Right To Know, observers that the New York Times has spilled the beans about little Timmy Durgin's favorite hiding place.

A number of RINOs are commenting this week on the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's disastrous Kelo v. New London decision.

At Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds, Stephen Littau reviews the damage done to property rights, as well as the political backlash.

And over at Searchlight Crusade, Dan Melson asks us, with apologies to John Lennon, to imagine there's no eminent domain--and what would happen then?

In more contemporary legal commentary, Cody Herche at Legal Redux offers an analysis of Hamdan v Rumsfeld, in which the Supremes smacked down the Imperial Presidency theorists of the Bush Justice Department. Cody's with the dissenters on this decision, fears that the outcome will actually leave Gitmo inmates in a worse position rights-wise in the long term, and offers this unforgettable line:

"If Scalia were a girl, I would marry him. Heck, I would marry him as is if we moved to the right state."

If you're looking to book the honeymoon, act now; Provincetown fills up fast this time of year, I'm led to understand.

Here at enrevanche, we'd like to call your attention to a post last week in which we introduced everyone to a little man-crush of our own: John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Markets, Inc. According to something called the Corporate Crime Reporter, Mackey is a dangerous, volatile man... "a libertarian with right-wing tendencies."

Mercy! (Full disclosure: I own a little WFMI stock, going on Warren Buffett's theory that if you like the company's management and believe in its products, you could do worse than buy it. Of course, he buys the whole company, generally, and I just buy a few shares.)

Pigilito runs with a story this week about anti-Americanism... among the Swiss.

(I've lately been reading a book that I bought in the airport bookstore at Heathrow, called "Why Do People Hate America?" When I purchased it, it wasn't in print over here, but now it seems that you can order it from Amazon if you're so inclined.)

Mark Coffey of Decision '08 examines the Public Editor's defense of the New York Times Swift disclosures this week, and asks rhetorically, "for this, we need an ombudsman?

Eric Schele of Classical Values takes a look at the hype surrounding gun violence in Philadelphia, and wonders how many of the "victims" might actually have needed to be shot? (In other words, how many justifiable homicides were there in the mix?)

Finally, Atypical Joe wonders whether there's a new trend emerging: No TV. People in his circle of friends are abandoning their television service, though keeping the sets around to watch DVDs.

I think we'll cue up John Prine's Spanish Pipedream right about now, the chorus of which goes a little something like this:

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper,
Go to the country, build you a home
Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches,
Try and find Jesus on your own.

Works for me.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July, everyone. Eat some hot dogs, drink some beer, and go see some fireworks.

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