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21 August 2006

Blood, sweat and tea

Tom Reynolds, the paramedic on the London Ambulance Service who runs the excellent Random Acts of Reality blog, has a new book out called Blood, Sweat and Tea.

You can buy it online at amazon.co.uk (shipping to North America is surprisingly affordable, at not quite twice the cost of the paperback!) but Tom has also released the book under a Creative Commons license, meaning that you can also download it for free.

I worked as an EMT on a small-town rescue squad in North Carolina twenty years ago (cough, cough) when I was in college, and it is easily the most rewarding and fulfilling job I've ever done.

Reading Tom's blog has been a trip down memory lane, but also quite entertaining and thought-provoking; I've downloaded a PDF of his new book, but have also ordered the paperback, as I'd like him to make a few pence off me and would also like to have a printed copy to hold in my hands.

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