When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

06 August 2006

Gato, the great hunter

I'm on the road, down in North Carolina, but got exciting news in a phone call from home yesterday evening.

Mister Gato caught himself a mouse in the kitchen yesterday, which Carrie dutifully photographed (over a hastily-spread tarpaulin made from a print edition of the New York Times... can't do *that* with a web site!)

Unfortunately, not long after this photograph was taken, the big fat mouse in Mister G's mouth escaped. The escape apparently took place during the extended I'm-half-playing-with-you, half-torturing-you phase that cats go through immediately after rodent capture.

We can only hope that the mouse has gone back to his brethren and warned them of the gruesome fate that awaits them, should they venture again into our apartment.

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