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05 August 2006

Love me, love my blog

A man and a woman sit side-by-side in a New York cafe, drinking beer, sharing food, and not saying a word. Instead of chatting, they are typing on a laptop about the tunes played through a shared iPod.

'Realising that communicating via typing was far more comfortable ... we conducted ... our date without speaking. We traded headphones back and forth and typed and ordered beer and wine and more food ... The waitress thought we were crazy,' wrote singer Amanda Palmer at http://www.dresdendolls.com/diary.

As the Internet evolves -- with its webcams, iPods, Instant Messaging, broadband, wi-fi and weblogs -- its image as a relationship-wrecker is changing.

Now a sociable habit is emerging among the Netorati: couple-surfing.
"Love me, love my blog," as Netorati couple-surf - Yahoo! News

I wonder if my wife has seen this story, and what she thinks of it.

I guess I'd better IM her and ask.

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