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22 August 2006

Wake County, NC bans books

The author of what has been described as the definitive dictionary of slang is gobsmacked, gutted, throwing up bunches, honked, hipped, and jacked like a cock-maggot in a sink-hole. A North Carolina school district has banned the dictionary under pressure from one of a growing number of conservative Christian groups using the internet to encourage school book bans across the US.

Jonathon Green, who compiled the 87,000 entries in the Cassell Dictionary of Slang, which was published last year, said that North Carolina is the only place he knows of where the book cannot be used in schools.
Schools Ban Dictionary of Slang

The school district that banned the book (along with five others) is, unfortunately, that of Wake County, NC, where the state capital, Raleigh (my home town) is situated.

Bowing to pressure from "Christian" activists (don't get me started), the invertebrates managing the school system have pulled five books, including the dictionary of slang mentioned above, from library shelves.

In North Carolina, we used to say "thank God for Alabama and Mississippi," for without those two jurisdictions our school systems would have been dead last in the country. Now that NC's schools have improved significantly, I guess Tar Heels have to say "thank God for Kansas," because their Board of Ed's pimping for "Intelligent Design" still sets the standard for Christianist-inspired educational bushwa.

But we're coming up fast. Watch your back, Kansas.

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