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04 August 2006

Where's Raúl?

In this island capital's long bus-stop lines and open markets, its offices and restaurants, the question keeps popping up: Where's Raúl?

Raúl Castro has yet to appear in public since being named temporary president of Cuba late Monday. His absence is adding a layer of intrigue to the speculation-heavy ambience that has settled over this city. It was two days ago that the Cuban government announced that Fidel Castro -- who is recovering from intestinal surgery -- would relinquish his 47-year hold on power to his younger brother.

'I think Raúl should have appeared by now, more than anything to calm the public and to show the world that everything is under control,' said Joel, a taxi driver, who did not want to divulge his last name for fear of government reprisals."
In Cuba, Question Keeps Popping Up: Where's Raúl Castro? (The Washington Post, 3 Aug 2006)

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