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08 December 2007

Barnett's Esquire articles

Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett has been writing for Esquire lately.

Boy, has he! And they're all worth reading.

1) The Pentagon's New Map (March 2003)
2) Mr. President, Here's How To Make Sense Of Our Iraq Strategy (June 2004)
3) Mr. President, Here's How to Make Sense of Your Second Term... (February 2005)
4) Old Man in a Hurry (July 2005)
5) The Chinese Are Our Friends (November 2005)
6) The Monks of War (March 2006)
7) The Country To Watch: Egypt (October 2006)
8) The State of the World (May 2007)
9) The Americans Have Landed (July 2007)
10) No. 40: Sea-Traffic Control (September 2007)
11) The Next Five States (September 2007)
12) John Robb: Keeping up with Terrorists (November 2007)

The last story--the one that references John Robb--is just a book review... but if you click on nothing else, please click on that one.

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