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30 December 2007

Greenwich Village Idiot, 12-30-2007 Edition

Special guest host Chap, of Chapomatic, brings us a special end-of-2007 edition of the Greenwich Village Idiot podcast (MP3 link, 93 MB.)

ArabicPod.net podcast
Gang of Four - Anthrax - FAST Records version
Price Is Right - someone opened the wrong door
Bob Dylan introduces the guy who made the Cadillac Ranch
Dynamics - Seven Nation Army
Frank Sinatra - Pontiac shill
MDID - Mysterious Ways
John Rydgren - Butterfly Doing Pushups (from Silhouette Segments)
Dooce - On The Alamo and Basements
Lord Melody
Otis Sez Stay In Sckool
Shelley Manne and his Men - Checkmate
Himself - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
England TV test card - Three Rivers Fantasy
Katie Lee - Will To Fail
Slim Gaillard - Slim's Jam

Direct download: Greenwich Village Idiot podcast, 12/30/2007 (93 MB MP3)

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