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08 December 2007

Gato on guard duty

Been a while since we've had any Mister Gato photos around here. Time to rectify that.

Our menagerie includes not only one irascible tomcat, but two Chow Chows.

An important part of a Chow's job description is to always be between you and the front door. They were bred as guard dogs, and those instincts run deep. Chow Bella and Chow Fun trade off on door-guard duty as a general rule.

But now that Mister Gato is a full-fledged member of the household pack (and universally acknowledged feline badass) he takes regular shifts guarding the door too.

Gato Guards The Door_scaled
Mister Gato on door duty.

Of course, he's not without backup. Here's a little more context on that photo:

Bella Backs Up Gato scaled
Chow Bella has Mister Gato's back.

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