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12 May 2005

Call MedicAlert immediately for instructions

As a newly diagnosed diabetic, one of the things I've acquired (besides a host of new specialist physicians, sore fingertips from thrice-daily blood glucose testing, and a badly aggravated case of hypochondria) is a set of MedicAlert dog tags.

The legend engraved on the tag basically instructs anyone who finds me unconscious to cram a Twinkie into my mouth and call an 800 number for further instructions.

Note to diabetics who own cats: you might want to consider another medical-information-jewelry option. Perhaps a bracelet.

Three salient characteristics of the dog tags that make them irresistible to Mister Gato:
  1. They are shiny.
  2. They are on a dangly chain.
  3. They are usually attached to Barry.
Below, two pictures of a cat reading my dog tags.

cat reads dog tags
If found unconscious, administer one small can of
oil-packed tuna and five grams catnip, stat!

call medic alert immediately
...call immediately for further instructions.

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