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30 June 2006

Another reason to love Whole Foods

The Corporate Crime Reporter has it in for John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods (or as we like to call it, "Whole Paycheck," where the phrase "I'm just running in for a few things" equals a hundred dollars worth of groceries in three bags):
Most people who shop at Whole Foods are liberal yuppies.

They have enough money to spend $9 on a pound of cherries.

They believe that shopping for groceries at Whole Foods instead of Safeway or Food Lion or Giant or Wal-Mart is the politically correct thing to do.

They probably believe that the President and CEO of Whole Foods is a liberal like themselves.

They of course would be wrong.

John Mackey is instead a libertarian with right-wing tendencies.

Mackey says that Milton Friedman is his hero.

He’s a devotee of Ayn Rand.

He’s opposed to national health insurance.

He’s a union buster.
A libertarian with right-wing tendencies? Ayn Rand?

Quick, Muffy, ask our undocumented Guatemalan nanny to fetch my smelling salts! (Por favor traerme el amonĂ­aco...)

The man is making the right enemies, that's for sure.

Time for a trip to Whole Foods. I wonder if the heirloom tomatoes have arrived yet? Made the nicest salad with those last year...

(Hat tip: Hit and Run)

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