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14 December 2006

Capsule review: Aimee Mann at Town Hall

Pre-show dining at DB Bistro Moderne on 44th St was mighty fine; the signature hamburger with foie gras paired nicely with perfectly-cooked french fries and a nice big glass of Bordeaux.

As for the Aimee Mann Christmas Show, Carrie and I left less than an hour into the festivities, in search of entertainment with higher production values and better talent on offer, such as a junior high school Christmas pageant or a wino singing to himself on a subway platform. We're both huge Aimee Mann fans, and perhaps that was part of the problem; the "special guests" seemed to constitute the bulk of the show, with Ms. Mann doing as little actual work as possible.

As Carrie noted, "We're not related to any of these people; why should we suffer?"

Did I mention the hamburger was really good?

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