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08 December 2006

Wouldn't a parrot be more traditional?

Mister Gato, in the years we've known him (amazingly, coming up on three now) has never been a lap-cat. He will walk across laps, stand in your lap briefly for a head-scratch, and happily sit next to you on the couch, but he has absolutely no interest in actually sitting in your lap.

He's a shoulder cat. And if you're willing to hold him, he'll perch on your shoulder all day long, purring away.

And perhaps grooming you a bit (see photo below; tongue actual size):

Mister Tongue Scaled
My ears are, if not quite burning, actually very warm.

(The sanguine appearance of my left ear is due to having just been thoroughly washed by Mister G, which is a bit like getting an affectionate rubdown with wet 00 sandpaper.)

Be sure to check out The Modulator's Friday Ark today, and don't miss the Carnival of the Cats this Sunday, at the House of Mostly Black Cats.

Mister G. and the entire enrevanche household send their sincerest condolences to Laurence Simon at TBIFOC, the Head Wrangler of the Carnival of the Cats. The lovely and talented Piper passed away quite unexpectedly this week.

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