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02 December 2006

Cracking the BlackBerry

...or "Hacking the CrackBerry," etc.

The security model of that BlackBerry on your hip isn't holding up very well to third-party scrutiny.

According to a white paper by John O'Connor, a researcher on Symantec's security response team, hackers can pay $100 for an API developer key that can open doors to the theft of data from Research in Motion's BlackBerry devices.

O'Connor's paper was briefly posted -- and quickly yanked -- from a blog entry discussing the future of the BlackBerry device. It is not yet clear why Symantec pulled the paper (the rumor mill says it's being saved for a conference presentation) but a quick peek at the findings suggests there might have been some external pressure involved.

eWeek Security Watch: Cracking the Blackberry with a $100 Key

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