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05 December 2006

USS Intrepid, on its way for repairs

They got the aircraft carrier (now floating museum) USS Intrepid pulled free from the mud this morning.

I know this because I just saw it go by my office window, on its way into New York Harbor, to Bayonne, New Jersey, where it will spend the next couple of years being repaired and restored.

Crappy cellphone photo of the action here (you can just about make out a huge blurry shape that is an aircraft carrier being pulled by tugboats; you can't, for the most part, see the fleet of small craft, ranging from Circle Line tour boats to private runabouts, giving it an honor-guard escort):

Intrepid Gets Towed - scaled
A big ship with planes on it;
estimated distance from office window, 400 800 1000 meters

Here's coverage from NY1.com:
After failing the first time around, tugboats successfully freed the historic USS Intrepid from its long time home along the West Side Highway to New Jersey for the first wave of its multi-million dollar renovation this morning.

A small fleet of tug boats managed to pry the massive aircraft carrier from its home at Pier 86.

Last month's attempt was cut short after the ship got stuck in the muck and mud that has built up over the past few decades.

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