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29 December 2006

Working from home

Okay, so I came down with a rotten cold (so I thought) over the Christmas holiday.

I did all the right things: stayed hydrated, slept a lot, ate healthy food, took decongestants and Tylenol for fever.

These things just have to run their course, I thought.

Six days in, it wasn't getting any better. My doctor takes the week between Christmas and New Years' off every year, so I wound up this morning at a doc-in-the-box on Seventh Avenue.

Me: (after being poked, prodded, palpated and auscultated) What is it, Doc?

Doctor: You have acute bronchitis, probably viral in origin, and it could turn into pneumonia. Rest. You must be tired of coughing; here's a 'scrip for benzonatate. When the fever has been gone for 24 hours, you can go back to work. These things have to run their course.

Okay then. For that, my insurance company paid $225.

Until the fever's gone, I'm working from home, I reckon.

Here's a picture of Mister Gato helping me write RFP responses:

working from home
Working from home

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