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21 July 2007

enrevanche demographics

Time for another peek behind the demographic curtain at enrevanche's readers.

Based on analysis of the site logs:
  • Country share: the US leads with not quite 80%, with the remaining 22% (in declining order) split among the UK, Canada, India, Sweden, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore (Hi, Fiona!), Germany, Belgium, Japan, Israel and Norway.

  • OS share: 65% of you are running Windows XP; a whopping 25% of you are using Mac OS X (results likely skewed by the links we've been picking up from MacSurfer lately; see below.)

    The rest of you (10% in aggregate) are using older or newer Windows variants (Vista penetration: less than 3%) or Linux; at least one brave soul is browsing the site using OS/2!

    OS/2 guy: Rock on with your retro-bad self.

  • Visit duration: most enrevanche visitors linger for between two and three minutes per visit, an absolute eternity in blog-time. (It takes me less time than that to *write* many of the posts.)

  • Top referring sites in the last month, in order:

  • Top search engine: Google.

  • Top Google search strings bringing unwary visitors to the site this week: Westell 327W, Sunrocket

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