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22 December 2005

Mister Gato's Guide to Abundant Living

Mister Gato was a street cat before being rescued and (partially) rehabilitated. He had done pretty well for himself hunting and living by his wits (plenty of rodents in New York City!) but one of his all-time favorite concepts, first introduced to him by the gentle, kind animal rescue folks, has to be "cat food."

As in, food that he doesn't have to hunt down and kill, or compete with some other animal to get. Plain old dry cat food that gets shaken into his dish a couple times a day, with another little dish of fresh water that gets replenished often.

He still hunts for sport, but man alive, does this boy love his cat food. And he likes to see plenty of it in his bowl; if the supply gets low, you'd better believe that we hear about it.

In this picture, Mister Gato performs essential quality control measures as we replenish the stock of hard, crunchy nuggets in the plastic pitcher that we dispense them from, having just received a massive delivery of cat and dog kibble, kitty litter, dog biscuits, and related sundries from the neighborhood pet store:

Mister Gato's Guide to Abundant Living
A good batch, and it tastes just fine right out of the bin.
Plate some up for me, won't you?

You'll have to imagine the loud, purring sound effects.

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