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29 December 2005

Mister Gato's new favorite spot

We've done a little rearranging in our house, which always slightly discombobulates the cat. Inadvertently, we made it a little easier for Mister Gato to go mountaineering--he can now climb up onto the stereo before jumping to the top of the bookcase.

(In case anyone from Cambridge Soundworks is reading this, you'll be pleased to know that your Radio/CD 740, in addition to sounding great and filling a small NYC apartment with beautiful music, makes an excellent and sturdy feline launch platform.)

So he's spending a lot of time up in the crow's nest, atop (naturally) some cardboard boxes containing... well, I'm not sure what's in them, but I'm guessing they're business records of some kind. The Cat in the High Castle.

Baseball broadcasting legend Red Barber used to talk about a pitcher "sitting in the catbird seat" when he had a game well under control. I never knew just exactly what the hell that meant, even though Red and I are both from the South.

But maybe I'm beginning to understand. This is indisputably a picture of a seated cat who is as happy as if he'd just eaten a small bird.

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(And pssst... mark your calendars! We're hosting the Carnival of the Cats here on February 5.)

Update: Carrie has more Mister Gato for you this week.

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