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15 December 2008

Bubbles, Slogs and Selling Out

Today my agreement with CNET Networks has expired. The contract barred me from competing with them or "disparaging" them (how's that for a broad term?) for three years. But, as of today, I'm free. So this seems like a good time to tell some of the story, in the hope that what I've learned is of use to anyone out there. There won't be much juicy disparagement (let's cut to the chase: I'm generally pleased with how the site has fared, am on good terms with Chow.com chief Jane Goldman, and remain convinced it was the right move), but I nonetheless think you'll find the tale edutaining.
Jim Leff is getting ready to tell the tale of CNET's purchase of Chowhound.

Part 1 of the story is a heartfelt description of just what it's like when a labor of love turns into something that flat wears you out and saps your resources, literally and figuratively.

Full disclosure: I was a Chowhound regular, and sometime volunteer, back in the day.

Bubbles, Slogs and Selling Out: Part 1 (Jim Leff's Slog).

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