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07 December 2008

Before you came along, we counted on our fingers and toes

Jazz composer, pianist and singer Bob Dorough turns 85 this week.

If you're a jazz fan, you know him - but likely you know him even if you aren't, in a reversal of the situation that Gary Giddins describes in this Village Voice article from 2000:
I was having a high old time listening to Bob Dorough's new record, Too Much Coffee Man (Blue Note), which may be his best, when my assistant Elora walked in and exclaimed with a slight interrogatory, "Schoolhouse Rock!?" She had never heard of Dorough, but she recognized the voice. I had never heard of Schoolhouse Rock, so she brought in her four-disc Rhino set and played her favorites, including a masterpiece, "My Hero, Zero," noting, "You will not find anyone of my generation who does not know the words to 'Electricity Electricity' and 'Conjunction Junction.' " She proved the point with a recitation augmented by a description of the animation that accompanied the songs when the short instructive cartoons appeared on television. Dorough was the series' music director and wrote most of the songs. "I learned the multiplication tables from him," Elora marveled. "We had great TV then."

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