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07 December 2008

A question for the group: Your earliest cultural memories?

Carrie and I were talking about memories, specifically the earliest memories we have as children.

And then we started talking about when children started paying attention to popular culture (in my view: about ten seconds after somebody sings them their first lullaby, credited to "arr. traditional").

My two earliest cultural memories (born 1966):

-- The Apollo 11 moon landing in the summer of 1969.  I was not quite three, and this was a Very Big Deal.  Dad was an engineer, Mom was a librarian, and I also was showing signs of being a geek already, and you had better believe we were spaceflight fanatics in our house, along with pretty much everybody we knew in the neighborhood. :-)  (I also remember the Apollo 13 accident;  I remember my parents quietly explaining to me that we had to pray for the astronauts' safe return.)

-- The breakup of the Beatles in 1970.  Not because I had the faintest idea what a Beatle was (5th grade for that epiphany) but because I was traumatized by the apparent complete emotional collapse of my babysitter, on learning that the Beatles would be no more.

What were your earliest memories of cultural events? 

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