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07 December 2008

Victory City

Victory Cities will be built from scratch in the scenic countryside. The bulk of a Victory City's food supply will come from its own farms in the surrounding countryside just beyond the circular highway, as well as greenhouses, fish tanks and a poultry center next to the cafeteria kitchens. A single Victory City™ would be able to accommodate up to 332,000 people.
[A Tour of Victory City @ Victory Cities website]

Hat tip: Carrie, who picked it up from Metafilter

Orville Simpson II, the self-made millionaire who has been revising his childhood vision of Victory City since 1936 -- do I have your attention yet? -- seems like an interesting fellow. What fun to Think Big Thoughts like this and still manage to make a living.

victory city map

We had to design planned communities for a 7th grade Civics class. Our teacher had read one too many books by Buckminster Fuller, and this is the same man who is ultimately responsible for triggering a mild obsession with design in me as an adult.

I remember it as one of the most entertaining projects I ever had to do in school, and maybe that's why this resonates with me.

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