When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

02 December 2008

Thank god they didn't ask about my choice of material at karaoke bars

More adventures with Google Ads.

First, a banner ad promising used Mercedes for people with bad credit.

And now, this:

More unfortunate banner ads

I don't have a man, and if I did I'm pretty sure we'd both be gay by definition, so I asked Carrie to take this test for me.

Some of the questions are... not so subtle. (And would seem to be a better test for tranvestitism than homosexuality.)

test detail

Some, even less subtle than that. (Is your man a gay stereotype?)

test detail 2

What, with that list of musicians, committing ritual suicide isn't an alternative?

The test deemed "Carrie's man" safely heterosexual, although there were dark, suspicious mutterings about my fondness for cooking classes and show tunes.

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