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21 December 2008

More from the time capsule

December 1998:

AltaVista is the best full-text search tool on the Web. When you are looking for a site containing a certain word or phrase, go to AltaVista.

Amazon is a great place to buy books, music, and videotapes online. (If you're looking for used or rare books, try BookFinder.)

Ask Jeeves is an amazing search tool that understands plain-English queries. ("Where can I learn about basketweaving?" will produce reasonable results, for instance.) It is a very forgiving search tool for novice users. Highly recommended.

BBC News offers another perspective on the news; great international coverage. Their US coverage is consistently interesting and often provides much-needed counterpoint to our own media. Also audio and video clips.

Breaking News From A.P When the big story breaks, don't go to CNN or MSNBC. The Associated Press have been covering breaking news for decades. They still do it best.

CBS MarketWatch - Front Page Excellent damn-near-realtime coverage of money and markets; quick to update when things move. (For analysis, read the Wall Street Journal, registration required.)

CIA World Factbook A great quick reference for why we're bombing, funding, praising, punishing, etcetera.

CNN is the granddaddy of the news sites. Quality control has suffered somewhat lately, but it's still the one the world watches for breaking news.

The Economist (registration required) The eminent British newsweekly's foray into the Web is not without technical glitches, but persevere! The content's great, and worth the effort (and the money.)

HotBot is Wired Magazine's full-text search engine; claims to index more pages than AltaVista.

MapQuest! will tell you where to go and how to get there.

MSNBC Microsoft and NBC team up to bring you the news. It's better than it sounds like it ought to be.

My Yahoo Customize your search engine, and pick up a free e-mail account that you can use anywhere in the world (as long as there's web access...)

NYC Blue If it's in New York City, this page probably links to it.

NY Daily News New York's Hometown Paper.

NY Post New York's Hometown Travesty.

NY Sidewalk New York's Local Borg Unit.

NY Times The web site of record.

Slashdot "News for nerds. Stuff that matters."

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