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13 August 2005


EverNote is a free Windows-based Personal Information Manager that allows to to consolidate your notes, to-do lists, and random Web and text clippings in a single location and access it via your Windows desktop. (A paid version, which costs $35, adds support for users of Tablet PCs and other pen-computing users, including owners of graphics tablets.)

EverNote just got the stamp of approval from the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, who isn't all that easy to impress with software gimmicks; Walt says EverNote "is fast and logical and a good way to round up random thoughts and resources."

Lord knows I've got a lot of those.

Like many other geeks, I've been pretty enthralled with David Allen's "Getting Things Done" personal productivity/time management system, and I think a tool like EverNote might be a very useful adjunct to GTD.

I've downloaded it to my work and home machines (there doesn't seem to be an easy way to synchronize content between two machines, unfortunately) and will report back.

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