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24 April 2006

Fine California Cuisine

My compadres at Chowhound have hooked me up with a list of fine dining establishments in the Pleasanton, California area to try.

But last night, I renewed my acquaintance with an old friend: IN-N-OUT Burger, otherwise known as God's Own Fast Food outlet.

An In-N-Out burger, cooked to order, is a thing of beauty. I had a double-double animal style with well-done fries last night, and that, with a glass of iced tea, set me back less than $6.

I don't understand how other fast food outlets even stay in business in towns where there's an In-N-Out. Oh, man.


Sortova said...

Heathen. You got animal style and the well done fries down pat, but holy communion is served with a milkshake (the most pious being strawberry) and not tea.

Barry said...

Dude, believe you me, it was hurting me not to have one of those real-ice-cream shakes, but I was pushing it already with the carbs in the fries.