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19 April 2006

New York Overheard: The City Speaks

So it seems that Michael Malice has left "Overheard in New York" and just launched a web site called "New York, Overheard."

Gawker has the lowdown on the kerfuffle:
We were forwarded an odd email this morning from Morgan Friedman, publisher and co-owner of the incredibly successful Overheard in New York:
I am writing to inform you that Michael “Malice” Krechmer, the former editor of Overheard In New York and Overheard in the Office, is no longer affiliated with either web site.
So Michael has struck out on his own.

You really need to see the sites side-by-side to appreciate this. Check out the screen shots below. (They link to their respective sites.)

overheard in new york
Overheard in New York (original recipe)

new york overheard
New York, Overheard (extra crispy)

This should be interesting.

New York Overheard: The City Speaks

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