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04 April 2006

He's baaaaaaack

If you've been missing the daily combination therapy doses of splenetic venting and sodomy that used to be on offer at the incredibly not-safe-for-work blog Bill in Exile, I've got good news for you.

Scott, the proprietor of Bill in Exile, is now back, blogging at Boozhy.
I was going to write a really gushy first post about how great Juan is for asking me to save write for Boozhy and how I'm looking forward to exploring issues here both topical and prurient in nature but as I started to write I couldn't get my mind off of some of the recent polls I've been reading and I began to fixate on a question that kept drifting in and out of my brain housing group throughout the morning. That happens to me a lot, the drifting that is, because I've got the AIDS on the brain AND because I've done more recreational drugs in my life (before cleaning up over three years ago) that the residual amounts still in my body are enough to provide a ferocious contact high to anyone who comes within twenty feet of me. But I digress. So this question started to nag at me and I decided not to gush and fawn all over Juanita for offering up his blog for me to vent and bloviate on and instead I have elected to save the gush and go right for the vent.
Ah, it's bracing like a shot of overproof rum, it is. Welcome back, Scott!

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