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14 April 2006

Greenwich Village cat, trapped for the 13th day

Some sad news on the Greenwich Village Kittycat beat:
With Molly the fugitive feline sending out distress calls from a few feet - or maybe just inches - away, animal rescue and city experts tried anew on Thursday to lure the 11-month-old black cat from the innards of a 19th century building where she has been trapped for nearly two weeks.

The low-key drama, with no end in sight, was playing out in the basement wall and ceiling of a Greenwich Village delicatessen, where Molly had been official house mouser until wandering into a narrow space between walls and becoming lost in what rescue supervisor Mike Pastore described as 'a maze of beams and pipes, going every which way.'
The good news is that, since Molly is hiding out between the walls of a 19th century building in my neighborhood (this is all taking place literally around the corner from Chez Enrevanche), she is virtually assured of a steady diet of juicy rodents to eat.

In fact, I wonder whether she is all that eager to come out, especially with all the noise and commotion. If Mister Gato found himself in a setup like that--an endless mouse buffet in front of him, a bunch of noisy strangers near the exit--we'd just have to hope that he would take the time to write home occasionally.

Trapped NYC Cat Enters Day 13 of Captivity (AP)

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