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03 April 2007

Always listen to Chap when he recommends a record

Chap points us to a new record worth listening to: Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black":
Winehouse is spending some time working her tone, shifting from insistent to tentative in a phrase, singing back back behind the beat where she can get away with it. “Me And Mr. Jones” has been stuck in my head for about too long now–she credits the Ronettes and the Specials on the record and here it makes sense–if you add in the Andrews Sisters doing “Mister Sandman” in the backup singing. Worth a listen.
Chapomatic » Back To Black

Oh lord, y'all. I've been listening to this disc since it arrived.

If Queen Latifah stayed up three nights straight listening to Billie Holliday records and then decided to front a 60s girl group, it might sound something like this... it's absolutely irresistible. Amy Winehouse is part of the British neosoul revival; if you think that all there is to that is Joss Stone, you really, really need to listen to this recording.

If there were any justice in the world, Chap could make a nice six-figure salary curating record collections for people. I've known him for over twenty years now, and in all that time he has given me exactly one bum steer musically (an unfortunate experience with an industrial/noise record, never to be repeated.)

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