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30 April 2007

The importance of good backups

The MacBook hard disk died this morning. Cold dead. Blinking question mark when I try to boot up.

After a quick diagnostic session with Apple Tech Support, in which we were able to boot from an external disk drive but completely unable to get the internal hard disk to be recognized, I am about to send in the MacBook for factory service for the second time in less than a year.

I am annoyed--very, very annoyed--but not stressed out about data loss. You see, I have a backup that is current as of Saturday morning.

Lessons learned:

(1) Never buy Rev 1 Apple hardware.
(2) Always buy AppleCare.

A lesson I learned painfully a long time ago: Always, always, always have a current backup of the data on your hard drive. The question is not whether your hard drive will fail, but when.

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