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21 April 2007

Guest catblogging: Buddy the Wonder Cat

Mister Gato is taking a well-deserved rest this week, but the show must go on.

Meet Buddy, the feline familiar of our dear friends Francis and Lynn.

Buddy Alert.jpg
Did someone call?

Buddy is a very affectionate orange tabby with a white "shirtfront." As Lynn wrote in her e-mail introducing us all to him:
Here is Buddy from the ASPCA, either 1 year or year and 1/2 and a delight, all boy... plays too rough, but is an endearing soul. We have lucked out and come upon a true worthy beast. He does bite and we have to figure that out, but he is affectionate for days... has commandeered the 'throne of power' so Francis sits in the forward position at times. We are really pleased with Buddy--cannot believe some of the strange places he feels he must investigate.
It took us several months to convince Mister Gato that hard biting and clawing were *not* considered affectionate behavior. Part of that is cat psychology... chewing is how cats show affection... and part of that is just the process of turning a street cat into a housecat.

Here's Francis on the aforementioned throne of power. Any cat who can get F. to share the Eames chair in his study is formidable indeed.

buddy and francis
It's awfully considerate of me to let you sit here.

What a good lad you are, Buddy.

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Buddy Sleeping.jpg

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