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08 April 2007

Call your Senators if you care about stem cell research

Dear CAMR Member:

The time is NOW to start calling your Senators and urging them to vote in favor of S. 5, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.

On April 10, the Senate will begin a stem cell debate on two bills: the Senate version of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (S. 5) and an “alternative” bill authored by Senators Coleman of Minnesota and Isakson of Georgia. Votes on the two bills are expected on either April 11th or April 12th. There will be no amendments allowed and both bills will require 60 votes each to pass.

S.5 has been modified from earlier versions and will now include provisions from S. 2754, a stem bill which was passed by the Senate last year without opposition. This new section simply encourages the NIH to pursue other forms of stem cell research. CAMR remains fully in support of S.5.

The alternative bill by Senators Coleman and Isakson the Hope Offered through Principled and Ethical Stem Cell Research Act (S.30) does not change current policy in any meaningful way and CAMR is not taking a position on the legislation.

Our message is simple - there is only one bill that matters, one vote that will advance stem cell research, one vote for patients, and that is a vote for S.5. Take a moment to share this message with your family and friends. We need as many calls made to the Senate as possible. Individuals can reach any Senate office by calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Thank you, Sean Tipton
CAMR President

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