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17 May 2006

Macworld: First Look: Apple's new MacBook

Apple's new Intel Core Duo-based consumer laptop is out. Meet the MacBook:
When the MacBook Pro was introduced in January 2006, everyone was left wondering: If this is the MacBook Pro, where’s the MacBook? Five months later, the other shoe dropped.

The new non-pro MacBook is a 13-inch laptop that replaces both the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook G4. But despite its lack of Pro in its name, this little laptop is much more powerful and full-featured than the laptops it’s replacing.
Macworld: First Look: Apple's new MacBook

Naturally, it's already available at the Apple Store. The cute little beasts start at $1099; the configuration that I'd want to buy (2GB RAM, 100GB hard drive, AppleCare) prices out at just under $2200... or, comparing Apples to Apples (sorry about that) roughly $800 less than a comparably configured MacBook Pro.

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