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07 May 2006

Packing with Papa

Blogging will be reduced over the next few days, as I'm leaving for a trip to California in a few hours, and will have limited network access during the day.

I was so busy last week that there was no time for catblogging! Better late than never, though. Here's Mister Gato, proposing that he be checked as "excess baggage" on my flight to the Bay Area of California.

packing the cat scaled
I don't weigh much and would be a nice addition to your hotel room.

(The little boo-boo on his right leg, visible in the shot, is a very minor flare-up of eosinophilic granuloma complex, a common feline skin condition related to an allergic reaction; he is under the care of a very good veterinarian and doing fine.)

The Modulator has had the Friday Ark up for a couple of days now; later today, the Carnival of the Cats will go live at Pages Turned.

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