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26 May 2006

Mister Gato's New Trick

Cats love computer keyboards.

Or, rather, they love interposing themselves between humans and their computers (or between human beings and *anything*, other than a cat, to which the human being is giving undivided attention.)

This often involves walking across, lying down on top of, and otherwise abusing said computer keyboards.

Mister Gato is certainly no exception, as has been thoroughly documented both at this blog and elsewhere. But he has slowly learned (likely due to my agonized exclamations of "Aaagh! Buddy! Nooooo!") that it makes me crazy when he plays kitten-on-the-keys, especially when I'm trying to work.

Cats, of course, also love found water. Mr. G. is especially fond of anything that's in your glass.

In the picture below, Gato manages three things simultaneously:

(1) To use the large wrist-rests on the Dell Latitude 810 that is my primary work machine as a perch, managing to sit on the computer without touching the keyboard.

(2) To use the perch to reach a freshly-poured glass of ice water.

(3) To completely prevent me from getting any useful work done until he finishes his drink.

Gato's New Trick 390x289
Nicely done, buddy.

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1 comment:

K T Cat said...

Mr. Gato is a very good cat! He politely shares his water with you and doesn't touch any of those keys that seem so important to you. I recommend some tuna for Mr. Gato.