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26 May 2006

Take the Dennis Hastert Poll

The Commissar is running a poll right now regarding what should be done with (or to) Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who sprang to the defense of sleazeball Congressman William Jefferson (D-Louisiana)--you know, the guy who thinks his freezer is some kind of safe deposit box (not even drug dealers are this stupid any more.) (Background here.)

Visit Politburo Diktat and vote. Should Hastert be...
  • investigated for being stupid
  • removed from the Speakership
  • required to sleep with Nancy Pelosi
  • made to clean out William Jefferson's freezer with a toothbush
  • Tarred and feathered
  • injected with Nancy Pelosi's Botox until his flab folds catch an updraft and carry him to Canada
  • all of the above
The Politburo Diktat » Take the Dennis Hastert Poll

(Hmm... could this Washington Post story, indicating that Hastert may now be "in the mix" in the Abramoff scandal, have anything to do with the Speaker's sudden fascination with the concepts of innocence and burden of proof?)

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