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03 May 2006

Return of the Aeron chair

The home office at Enrevanche House is once again complete. We just picked up our repaired, reconditioned Aeron chair from the nice folks at Sam Flax... no charge for parts or labor.

You truly do get what you pay for. The chair is six years old, but Herman Miller has a 12-year original-owner warranty on their chairs, and Sam Flax sells so many of them that they have all the parts in stock.

From delivery of a broken chair to their door, to return of a repaired and reconditioned chair - time elapsed, two business days.

All we paid was cab fare to get it back and forth.

We're not the only ones happy to have it back.

Color us satisfied customers, and you can bet we'll be recommending both the chair and the dealer to friends with renewed vigor.

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Sissy Willis said...

Egad! I was cleaning out a drawer this morning and found not one, but TWO snail clipppings -- one from the NYT and the other from the WSJ, dated September and October of 1994 respectively -- frantically underlined and circled with enthusiasm over the miraculous Aeron, which was about to make its debut that November.

If only I'd started saving then . . .