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23 February 2006

Cat, recumbent

Here's a tight closeup of our contortionist cat, Mister Gato, sleeping happily with his head resting lightly on his hind leg.

recumbent cat in closeup scaled
Note the coffee-bean toes.

Pull the shot back just a tad, and you'll notice that he is sleeping on a much-beloved box, with a blue fleece baby blanket (Wal-Mart, 99 cents) on top... with one leg hanging over the side.

This much cuteness should be illegal.

cat on much-beloved box scaled
Don't wake the kitty.

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Sissy Willis said...

Book him, Gato . . . Oh, wait a sec, that IS Gato.

But speaking of coffee-bean toes, can you spot the teddy bear? Hint: Turn photo 90 degrees clockwise . . . Am sending you a photo under separate cover. Meanwhile:

Bear with me

Laurence said...

Piper has a mix of jellybean and coffebeans on her toes.