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02 February 2006

A few notes on London

I've finally secured a semi-reliable Internet connection, though not in my hotel... just in time for me to leave for the States tomorrow. I've seen some old friends (and missed seeing some others, sadly) and have actually enjoyed some of the semi-mandatory corporate bonding stuff after work, as I've been working with some very cool people.

(1) There is a mutual fascination about our respective cities between Londoners and New Yorkers. I have done my level best to convince every Londoner who asks me about the Meatpacking District to avoid it like the plague, however.

(2) According to Time Out London, which just published a NYC Guide this week, the "Meatpacking Distict" hotspots now include places in the West Village and Chelsea. (Sigh.)

(3) This morning, one of the tabloids ran a service-journalism piece... "Might you have a drinking problem?" I thought it was a parody, actually, as the first question was, "Do you routinely have more than eight pints of beer at a sitting..."

Then, on reflection, I think that may be entirely culturally appropriate.

Don't try to keep up with the English, pint for pint.

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